In our cannabis business financial models we offer the option of a perpetual cannabis harvest and other scenarios. You can choose three, four, six or twelve rounds per year depending on your premises size, design and objectives.

The Perpetual Harvest is a technique in which growers utilize multiple grow tents/areas to ensure that there are always plants in both the flowering stage and in the vegetative stage.

For example, we need to have about 90 plants harvested a month. In this scenario, the grower needs three areas: one for vegetation, and two rotating flowering areas:

  • Area 1: Vegetative area
  • Area 2: Flowering area
  • Area 3: Flowering area

You will need one more area if you plan to grow with clones.

  1. We plant first 90 plants and let it vegetate for a total of 8 weeks in the vegetative area (or 4 weeks if you start with clones).
  2. At week 8, we move plants to flowering tent and start new seeds or clones on the same day (at week 4 for clones).
  3. In about 8 weeks, flowering plants will be ready to harvest and veg plants will be ready to start flowering.

Perpetual cannabis harvest is essentially the practice of having all stages of your plants ready exactly when you need them. On the day of harvest, vegetative plants must be ready to install in the flowering room, and your clones must be ready to be moved to the vegetative room.


1. Disaster Recovery. If you lose your flowering or vegetating plants to some unforeseen cause, you still have another set of plants who are already mid-growth.

2. Employee costs reducing and temporary workforce avoiding.

3. Harvests every month for a sale or processing and dispensing in the vertical integrated business.

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