The legalization of cannabis has opened up a new and promising market for many businesses and organizations.

However, this market has not yet defined a convenient, affordable, and comprehensive system with which to network with and advertise to existent and potential players in the industry. This problem is reinforced by the large number of new entrants to the industry – including both startups and established companies looking to expand their profile.

  • How to Find Cannabis Business

Health Canada has made it clear that no conventional advertising is permitted in this industry. As with tobacco products, any direct mention of the product’s “benefits” is strictly illegal and subject to harsh penalties. The most effective strategies for legal marijuana companies are direct marketing at industry conferences and other events, building communities around marijuana -related concerns such as health and wellness.

Google, Facebook and Twitter all have advertising policies that restrict the promotion of the sale of cannabis. Google’s policy prohibits ads that promote “substances that alter mental state for the purpose of recreation.” Facebook restricts any “illegal, prescription, or recreational drugs.” And Twitter bans “illegal drugs” as well as substances that cause “legal highs.” Instagram and Facebook have decided to go a step further by removing pages of cannabis related businesses.

The source of this problem lies partly in the need for industry participants to navigate legal restrictions (including those related to advertising) and partly in the tendency of both principal industry members and ancillary providers to maintain a low profile. Hence, the industry is characterized by tighter networks who are likely not accessing the best possible deals for their operations or the clients in need of their products/services.

Cannabis Advertising Agency Business Plan

The Cannabis Advertising Agency Business Plan is an essential document if you own or are going own a cannabis advertising services agency. If you are interested in obtaining funding, the business plan is a vital document to have.

There are many successful cannabis advertising platform, including Weedmap, Leafly, 420People, and others.

The Cannabis Advertising Agency Business Plan is prepared based on the existing knowledge of consultants regarding the Cannabis Industry in general and is specific to State.

Table of Contents

  • Project Scope

  • Market

  • Mission/Vision 

  • Service Goals 

  • Start-up Summary

  • Financial Projections

  • Services 

  • Objectives 

  • Future Plans 

  • Key Customers

  • Market Overview

  • Target Market

  • Problem/Solution

  • Competitors Analyses 

  • Competitive Advantages 

  • Cannabis Sector Projections and Perspectives

  • SWOT Analyses

  • Online Advertising Obstacles

  • Alternative Online Advertising Options

  • Marketing Plan

  • Cannabis Directories

  • Launching Strategy

  • Sales Forecast 

  • Website 

  • Project Plan

  • Profit & Loss Forecast

  • Cash Flow Statement

  • Balance Sheet

  • Main Ratios

  • Funding Analyses

  • Income Statements, monthly

  • Cash Flow Statements, monthly

  • Statistics

Please do not hesitate to contact us to make an order for a cannabis business plan or a cannabis industry research. We will create complete and professional business plans, including pro forma financials and projections to help you know how much money it’ll cost to start your business and how much money you can make by starting and operating your 100% legally compliant medical and recreational marijuana business.

  • Accepted file types: doc, pdf.

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